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Britons advised to book their holidays in Marbella as soon as possible


The Association of British Travel Agents, ABTA, is alerting customers to book their Marbella summer holidays in advance due to rapid SOLD-OUT.

ABTA mentions a growing demand for holidays in Spain. It is said that the annual increase is of 27% for this country, where tourists mostly prefer to go to the Balearics and the Marbella area. Other destinations with growing popularity include Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Greece and the United States. There is a possibility that the sold-out would happen by the end of the month, as tourists started booking for the summer long before Christmas. The Associations of the Netherlands and Scandinavia reported the exact same situation.

The growth in demand is due to the fall in demand for destinations that normally would have been the number one choice for many European tourists – Egypt and Tunisia – all of this due to the unstable political situation and the terrorist attacks. In addition, European resorts offer more attractive prices to those who book in advance; besides, due to the general economic situation bars and restaurants of the Mediterranean lowered their prices to attract more tourists and support the local economy.

Among other factors that could explain the growth in demand for Mediterranean holidays is the fact that only in 2015 the amount of people travelling returned to the numbers that were present before the global crisis of 2008.

ABTA chief executive, Mark Tanzer, said: “The significant increase in demand for summer holidays to the Costa del Sol has also been reflected in the markets of Northern Europe, like Scandinavia or Germany, making it more important for the customers to reserve in advance in order to obtain the best price and ensure the desired vacation.”

By: Ernesto Gutierrez

General Manager

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