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Marbella – more fortunes than we know about…

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Anonymity, discretion, security, good weather, infrastructure and the lush beauty of Marbella catch the interest of billionaires.

It is well known that Marbella is the favorite resting place of many international celebrities. But what is less known to the public opinion is that there’s a large number of really enormous fortunes holders, who visit, live, invest and go unnoticed in this city. What all of these people look for while walking quietly along the promenade of Marbella or purchasing in the market, taking the dog for a walk or visiting the same hairstylist you do, is usually some peace, tranquility, security, but above all – good weather. And that is the secret jewel of this city: good weather and tranquility. There are not so many places in the world where you can enjoy these factors together, let alone within 3 hours by plane from the main European capitals.

Owners of some of the largest world fortunes pass by any of us without raising the slightest suspicion, without shows of ostentation, much less arrogance, that happens more with common people than with top international businessmen, who have fought very hard to get to the position they now enjoy.

Nationality and religion don’t matter: there are Russians, Arabs, Scandinavians, Americans, Africans, Indians and Asians – all of them come from anywhere in the world to enjoy the Marbella phenomenon. And many of them use the services of their lawyers discreetly to buy villas in Marbella, where they choose to have a resting place.

Definitely, Marbella is the ideal place for such public, because it offers everything that billionaires look for.

By: Ernesto Gutierrez

General Manager