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Paul Allen and his Business in Malaga and the Costa del Sol


This mysterious and megalomaniac visitor has been regularly visiting Malaga in the past two years. What really attracts him is a big mystery.

The “Octopus” – a yacht owned by Paul G. Allen, docking at the port of Malaga, with its dimensions of a cruise liner (126 meters), equipped with a submarine and a helipad, breaks all the barriers because it also includes a basketball court decorated with genuine oil paintings of important artists such as Picasso. These are some of the “business cards” of the very same co-founder of Microsoft, who together with Bill Gates created the company back in 1975, and now owns a fortune of more than 18,000 million dollars.

He usually arrives to Malaga not by sea but by air, on board of his large private plane, a Boeing 757, which he has probably sold to Donald Trump not so long ago, therefore, he most possibly has already acquired a new aircraft for his collection, that includes more than 30 historic aircrafts of the Second World War and is open to the public at his Flying Heritage Collection museum.

He’s been to Malaga not once or twice, but more than 6 times in the last four years. We guess that it is neither the Picasso museum nor the “tapas” in the city center, but something else that goes beyond the eyes of any of us. A technology park in Malaga? A new European Silicon Valley? It’s not his megalomaniac purchases or out of the ordinary collections, but his vision that calls our attention, and Malaga has something to do about that new vision that Paul Allen has about the capital of the Costa del Sol. Nothing bad would come out of this, but quite the opposite. This mega investor can cause a real boom in the region. And we would like to know what it is about.

By: Ernesto Gutierrez

General Manager

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