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Scandinavian investors consider Marbella a AAA investment

Marbella - AAA investment

From late 2014 Scandinavian bankers and investors have been investing really strong in Marbella, knowledgeable about its safe recovery.

And now in 2016 we can confirm that investors, bankers and Scandinavian analysts were not wrong when choosing Marbella as a safe destination for investment. As a first step they began closing operations with banks to “take away” urban loads at a very low price that quickly attracted Swedes, Norwegians and Danes with prices unusual for their native countries. 2 bedroom apartments with 100 square meters next to a golf camp in the good climate of Marbella for €100,000? They could not hide their astonishment and closed operations in the same bank offices of their respective countries. But what they didn’t know it is that Scandinavian investment funds had bought them at the price of €80.000 each, gaining 20% of the investment in just a couple of days, which ensured these funds to have a level of strength beyond normal in these after crisis years. We talked about the year 2014, and it all continued in 2015, but no longer at such a low price – it went up to €150,000 per unit, and now in 2016 it almost at the level of €180,000. Which means that the price per square meter has been growing exponentially since 2014, when Marbella really bottomed out, although many analysts were wrong when stated that they could even fall further.

In this business of figures, capital and square footage, the first ones to arrive are served the best piece of cake. And I can assure you… there is still plenty of cake left till 2016 ends. Don’t be the last one to come!

By: Ernesto Gutierrez

General Manager