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Spain, the “nouvelle cuisine” that conquers the world

After the decade of reign of the French “Nouvelle cuisine“, the Spanish one has positioned itself at the top of the contemporary international cuisine.

Spain, with its high level cuisine until the early 90s, began its ascension thanks to a group of chefs – pioneers of avant-garde Spanish cuisine, who managed to put Spain in the international map of top-level cuisines in the twenty-first century. It has fully established itself in the second decade of this new century. But it wouldn’t have been possible without one important thing – raw material of high excellence. The “Made in Spain” trademark has become a synonym of luxury in everything related to gastronomy: from oils, which are the basis of the Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, to vegetables and fruits, followed by authentic gourmet products such as saffron, wine or “Pata negra” ham. These products are exported all over the world with a clear label that indicates where they all come from, which was not the case just a decade ago. All of this has had a positive effect on the marketing of our country at the time of being chosen as a favourite destination by many tourists who prefer us to enjoy this cuisine firsthand. An enormous number of residents and tourists coming to Marbella wonder exactly this same thing – where are the best restaurants in Marbella?

Michelin guide restaurants in Marbella: Dani García, Messina, Skina and El Lago.

By: Ernesto Gutierrez

General Manager

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